Writing Jobs for Thursday September 24 2009

get freelance jobsTime for another round of hand-selected freelance jobs and full-time opportunities for writers. As always, we personally comb through these positions and while we don’t catch every great freelance job lead that comes along, we do manage to snag a good variety of interesting gigs. If you have a freelance job to post, why not get in touch?

Just a friendly word of warning–we don’t post job ads for online survey takers or people hiring ghost writers for topics like payday loans or other bad-for-consumer products–if we know about that stuff up front, we don’t run the job listing.

Universal Media Group needs a freelance writer for a temp contract gig writing music-related trivial questions for a mobile quiz game. This gig is via JobFox and could turn into a half-year writing opportunity for some music-obsessive writer.

An unnamed company seeks a ghost writer who can polish up rough drafts. This one’s a bit mysterious–they have topics that range wildly–the music industry, networking, trade magazine topics. Stranger still, you’ve got to ring 310-422-2112 extension one, and ask for Cara rather than submit a resume or fill out an online application form. We’ll be calling that number later in the day to see just what the fuss is about simply to satisfy our own curiosity.

We don’t post many internships here, but there are two you resources you should definitely check out if you know a student looking to get a foot in the door of this magical, nutty world of writing. The first is the JournalismJobs internship listing, which is a must-see for anyone looking for opportunities to intern. This is actually a search list so you may need to refresh the page to see the latest results.

The next is a highly paid internship with the Department of Veterans Affairs listed at EditorWriter. The ad for this gig lists the two-year internship as starting at 41K per year! Wha-wha-WHHAAAAAAT? If you live in the Pittsburgh metro area or are willing to relocate there, this internship could be for you. It’s a public affairs job internship and a gateway to federal service. William Burroughs once said he believed in getting your hand in “the public trough” and if that advice rings true for you, by all means have a look.

The Motley Fool is apparently still looking for a finance writer who can write about investing and stock market topics. This ad has run before but they are still accepting applications at press time.

The Sioux City Journal seeks a weekend writer to cover local entertainment topics for its weekend magazine edition. This one wants writing samples and salary history, so be prepared to show what you’ve earned…