Delaware Writers Groups

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Getting together with other writers isn’t just a luxury–it’s something that can really help advance your career. Making connections and learning about the business are both things that will get you ahead in the writing world. If you don’t yet belong to a group, consider joining one of these writers groups in the state of Delaware:

Delaware Writers Groups

Creative Writing Center Of DelawareThe center has workshops, conferences and classes for writers, providing the opportunity for new writers to learn from established professionals in the field.

Delaware Press AssociationA group of journalists, PR professionals, photojournalists and more that is also an affiliate of the National Federation of Press Women (NFPW).

Delaware Writers can be found on LinkedIn.

The Written Remains Writers Guild – Based in the Wilmington/Newark area, membership in this group is by invitation. The Guild also sponsors two critique groups for fiction writers.

Upper Delaware Writers Collective Founded in 1993, this is a small group that hosts a workshop that focuses on poetry and other activities throughout the year.

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