Amanda Connor, Writer


As a social media guru,  Amanda coordinates various online communities, designs reward and retention programs, builds social media networks and manages event planning within the Boston community. Amanda is also a marketing consultant and a very devoted content editor when she isn’t devoted to writing for the Freelance-Zone blog.

Amanda, a SEMPO certified SEO Specialist, worked for LifeTips/ideaLaunch, serving as their Community Manager and Senior Production Manager, responsible for project management and production for over $1.2 million in major corporate clients.

Additionally, Amanda was a senior marketing copywriter for RedCats USA/P.P.R, and a senior editor and web manager for BUS Radio and

Graduating with a BA in Journalism from Cook College of Rutgers University, Amanda also holds a Masters of Science in Journalism from Boston University College of Communication.

A New Jersey native, Amanda grew up on a small horse farm. Having decided at some point that she had seen enough horse dung to last her a lifetime, she moved up to Boston. She now lives in Cambridge with her husband, Brian, a wine buyer by day and metal musician by night. When Amanda isn’t dazzling others with her killer dance moves, she is talking the paint off the walls and is frequently overheard going on and on about her love of wiener dogs. She also loves karaoke, so if you know what’s best for you, you won’t bring up karaoke.

Twitter Handles: @WebWordSmyth

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