Kansas Writers Groups

Kansas Writers GroupsKansas writers groups cover a wide range of genres and disciplines. We’re pleased to feature these writer’s groups in Kansas, but we know we haven’t found them all. This page is definitely a work in progress…so be sure to check back often.

Kansas Writers Groups

Kansas Writers Association is a membership-based group in Wichita. This non-profit Kansas writers group serves screenwriters, fiction authors and book writers.

The Kansas Author’s Club is for academic, technical, journalistic and creative writers. This group serves seven districts across the entire state of Kansas and provides feedback, networking opportunities and much more for writers.

Journalists should have a look at the Kansas Press Association for networking, job opportunities and career development.

The KU Writing Center is offered by the University of Kansas to help writers sharpen their skills.

Kansas Poets is a resource for…Kansas-based poets.

The Kansas Bathtub Writer’s Collective is aimed primarily at college students at the University of Kansas and those involved in MFA programs.

LinkedIn members interested in networking with fellow writers should have a look at the Kansas City Writers list.

Kansas Writers Groups by State

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