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Diane Holmes
Diane Holmes


Diane Holmes is the founder and Chief Alchemist of Pitch University, the only no-cost, 100% free website devoted to learning how to verbally pitch your book and answer the question, “What’s your book about?”  Pitching is the skill you need to sell your book to agents, editors, and ultimately, readers. And the best part about Pitch U?  You learn directly from the experts who pitch books for a living:  agents, editors, and experts. 

Diane’s background is in marketing, fiction writing, community building, cat herding, dog smooching, growing 3-story sunflowers and mutant okra, collecting family on the road of life, and generally making a mess she calls art.  (Also, that pile of broken tree limbs from the hurricane is not trash, it’s a habitat, people!)  She has also founded writers’ groups, co-owned a small press, had plays produced, written novels and scripts, run writer’s contests, held offices in writing organizations, taught writing… and just like you, she sucks at pitching her own books.

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