New York Writer’s Groups

New York Writers GroupsNew York has more writers groups and resources than a freelancer can shake a quill pen at. Consider this list of writer resources in New York to be a very long-term work in progress as there are too many to add comprehensively all at once!

Writers of all kinds need support groups, job boards, and other important resources. The need isn’t exclusive to freelance writers, fiction writers or commercial copywriters. Fortunately many of these groups are open to writers of any stripe, while others have much more narrow focus in order to best serve their core membership. In any case, you’ll find plenty to keep you busy here.

As always, if you have a New York writers group, job board or other vital resource you’d like to see listed here, please get in touch, we’d love to include you.

New York Writer’s Groups and Resources

Artisan Talent New York

New York Freelance Job Search

New York Writers Coalition

New York Meetup Groups for Writers

Gotham Writers Workshop

The Author’s Guild

New York Writers Workshop

New York State Writers Institute

Long Island Writers Guild

New York State Sportswriters Association

New York Freelance Writers Directory

Long Island Writers Group

East Village Writers Group (in Spanish)

The NYC Latina Writers Group (in Spanish)

Long Island Craigslist Writing and Editing jobs

The Perry, NY-based Wyoming Writes group Facebook page doesn’t list a web address–this seems to be a FB-based group doing its organizing on the social web. Great idea.

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