Jason Demant, Writer

Jason Demant
Jason Demant

Hi, I’m Jason. I find Will Ferrell to be hilarious, hate the feeling of velvet and have a strange phobia of touching my own belly button. I grew up in Northern California — I was born, went to grade school, high school, college and started my professional career all within a 3-hour radius in Northern California.

In October 2009, I quit my Silicon Valley job to travel and try to make it on my own, the entrepreneurial way. Here are some other places you can find me on the Internet:

  • My startup — Before your next trip, check out UnAnchor.com to find the perfect itinerary.
  • Travel writing — For the latest in travel-writing, follow @UnAnchor on Twitter or join the discussion in the “I Love Travel Writing” Facebook group.
  • My travels — You can catch up on my travels on my blog, Life After Cubes and on Twitter @LifeAfterCubes.
  • Finally, I’m a team-member of The Nomad Courier, featuring postcards from around the world.

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