Transparency Policy

August, 2010 accepts paid advertisements and sponsorships. Some of our posts are sponsored, some are not. We will mark any sponsored post as such so that our readers are in the loop. Regardless of sponsorship status, writers do not accept payment in exchange for favorable treatment in print reviews or other media. When we review, we discuss what is, both positive and negative.

Our editorial staff prefers to be selective about our clients; we do not knowingly run ads for companies that conflict with our standards and ethics.

It’s important to stress the “knowingly” aspect of that last statement. Companies change hands all the time, adopt new business strategies, evolve, mutate and divide. One morning you wake up and Brand X is your favorite, the next week, they’ve changed the formula and you discover you can’t use it any more.

It’s the same with advertisers. We do our best to avoid companies we don’t see eye to eye with, but you can’t monitor everyone. That’s why we reserve the right to cancel, change or modify our policies and agreements on FZ and with third parties–we don’t have an issue refunding someone’s money if the partnership goes south or there’s an issue which can’t be fixed any other way. In many cases we may be legally bound to complete an agreement, but that doesn’t obligate us to accept a client for future partnership.

99% of all the people we’ve done business with have been delightful. That’s a great track record and one we hope lasts for a good long time. In business, that other one percent is an occupational hazard. We’re just grateful the percentage is so low. Thank you for reading, sponsoring, and generally supporting FZ.

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