I Know You’re Losing $50-$200 a Day

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By Yolander Prinzel

How do I know you are? Well, because I am and although this might cause you to break out into the cold sweat of denial, I’m pretty sure you and I aren’t that different.

I waste at least 2 hours every day sitting in front of my computer doing…well…absolutely nothing.

Yeah, no, I know, it’s terrible, right? But–surely–you aren’t that bad. You don’t spend time looking through pictures on Facebook of people you don’t even know. You don’t start conversations with strangers on Twitter. You don’t do housework off and on throughout the day. You don’t do anything but write and market yourself all day…right?

Yeah, that’s what I thought. So here is my challenge to you web writers next month. Let’s all try to take on 2 additional hours worth of work each workday and earn 2 more hours worth of pay. Whether 2 hours means 1 article for you or two, do it. Then take that money, which you normally wouldn’t have had because you would have been busy picking your split ends during those two hours, and put it in your savings account.

Let’s say you average (based on your writing speed and prices) $35 an hour. You will have banked an extra $350 in your savings account the first week. Do that for a month and you’ll have about $1,400. A year? $18,200–and that isn’t counting interest.

So put your hair down, log out of Facebook, sign off from Twitter and leave your laundry unfolded–it’s not like you have to leave the house anyway.

Print writers–you aren’t out of the challenge. I’m betting you could send out a couple extra queries during the week. The pay from any of those queries that get accepted should go straight to savings too.

Yolander Prinzel, ACS is a financial writer as well as a series 7, 66 and 2-15 licensed financial representative with a decade of industry experience. She was the National Director of Marketing and the Director of Operations for The Compass Agency USA and has also been a trader for Raymond James Financial Services. None of her posts are meant to be advisory. Only an advisor with close, personal knowledge of your financial situation can offer advice. You can get her new e-book You’ve Found Your Specialty–Now What? Tips and Tricks to Finding and Scoring Clients and Making a Living Writing What You Know here for just $7.95.