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Catherine L. Tully is a writer, photographer and educator. She has been published in magazines such as American Style, Boys' Life and Chicagoland Business Elite among many others. See more about her at or view her photography at

To Be, Or Not To Be….Dry?


Keep yourself–as well as your books and papers–dry with this whimsical umbrella featuring the Bard himself: William Shakespeare. Find this (while supplies last) at CoolStuff4Writers along with interviews, articles and a free newsletter. Check out the site for other fun items as well, such as coffee mugs and books–all writing related of course!


Digital Photography For The Writer

by Catherine L. Tully 

Finding new ways to make money in the writing game can be difficult, but with a little creativity and a fresh idea, you can add more than a couple of dollars to your work output. Being able to supply photographs for pieces you have written can endear you to an editor, make you extra cash and even has the possibly of turning into another side job for you down the line. Here are some basics to help get you started… Continue reading Digital Photography For The Writer

Writer’s Getaway: Peaceful Pines, Apple River, IL


I’m sharing my favorite getaway here–this is a perfect place to write. Peaceful Pines Cottage is the only rental on the property, and Apple River Canyon State Park is two minutes away. The park’s scenery is the ideal backdrop for finding your muse in the nicer weather, but this is also a superb winter getaway. The owners have taken the time to hang birdfeeders that attract Cardinals, Blue Jays and a variety of other feathered friends to the windows to keep you company without becoming too much of a distraction. And there is no phone…

You’ll find a one-mile walking trail on the property, as well as a large, comfortable deck out back. There is a screened-in porch, a fire pit and barbecue grill–in case you feel like cooking out. It’s so quiet here you’ll be amazed at how much work you can get done. I’ve been to this property many times and have always come back with a pile of finished writing and tons of article ideas. Load up on supplies at the local IGA in nearby Warren and settle in for a few days–you’ll thank yourself!

*Photograph of Peaceful Pines Cottage is copyrighted by Larry Backe.

Light Writer Pens


If you are a live music or movie reviewer, the Light Writer Pen will come in quite handy in the darkened conditions! These ball point pens feature a built-in LED to illuminate the paper as you write. The lights come in red or yellow and the pen exteriors are available in a variety of colors: red marble, white, black or blue. Keep it by your bedside–it’s great for the next “big idea” that comes to you at 3 am!