Freelancing With the iPhone

iPhone keyboard

by Joe Wallace

iPhone loving writers, bloggers, and editors, our time has come. The growing popularity of iPhone bluetooth keyboards brings us to a new, albeit squinty, era of freelance blogging and writing.

I’ve always said that once I could overcome the problem of having to type on a touchscreen, me and the iPhone would become a road-ready freelance powerhouse. No need to break out the Macbook Pro after searching high and low for a Starbucks along the road trip route…with a bluetooth keyboard, the iPhone, and the right combination of mobile widgets and software tools it’s possible to write and submit from the road, the plane, wherever you can get your 3G or 4G signal.

This is a truly great time to be freelancing.

There are many different bluetooth keyboard models to choose from. The one shown above is the Freedom i-Connex Bluetooth Folding Keyboard for Apple iPad, iPhone 3GS and 4G. But you can also purchase the Jorno bluetooth keyboard for iPhone 4 or go with the Apple bluetooth keyboard, but that one isn’t designed specifically for iPhone or iPad use and some function keys may not work properly.

Whichever one you choose, your new freelancer freedom awaits. I am very excited about trying out a whole week on the road with nothing but an iPhone and bluetooth keyboard…I just have to schedule some time to make it happen. Stay tuned for that–it will be an FZ feature coming soon.

iphone 4