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5 Questions With Jimmy Gordon

Jimmy Gordon
Jimmy Gordon

Hey writers! There’s still time to be featured in our “5 Questions” series! Simply answer the questions below and send us a bio and headshot–free publicity! Send to: editor (at) freelance-zone (dot) com

Today, read Jimmy Gordon’s unusual story…

1.      How did you wind up a writer?

I fell into writing, literally. I was a professional firefighter paramedic at the time. I fell off of a train, unrelated to my job. I was heading out to Michigan to spend some time with my future in laws. We had a ton of snow on the ground and it was still coming down. It was Christmas so I was loaded up with stuff. I slipped and fell, broke my knee and needed surgery. I was visiting the folks at the firehouse afterwards. I was to be off for about 6 months healing. They asked me what I was going to do with my time. I had always been a big reader. I’m not sure why but “I might write a book.” Popped out. They said I couldn’t do it. At the time I wrote my reports in all capital letters and never bothered with any punctuation, a period at times. Well, here I am now. I’m currently wrapping up number 7.

2.      Was the road to being a writer what you expected? Why or why not?

I never meant to be a writer so I had no idea what to expect. Once I finished the first book I type getting your first book published into the search box on the net. I hit up 1stBooks Library which is now Authorhouse. Yep, I had a lot to learn. Continue reading 5 Questions With Jimmy Gordon

The Revolution Continues…

by Mike O’Mary

Crime Spree Mag coverTwo weeks ago, I talked about the revolution in the book publishing industry. No big secret, right? Everybody knows that we are in the midst of a major shift from print to digital in the publishing industry. And everybody is speculating about what that means for the “industry” – from the big publishing houses to indie publishers to agents to best-selling authors (who are now passing on six-figure advances because they don’t want to give up their digital rights!) to self-published authors (who would probably gladly give up their digital rights for a six-figure advance!).

Below are links to a couple of really great recent blog posts about changes in the publishing industry, and about the possible ramifications. Read them when you have a few minutes, but then come back because I have some really exciting news for freelancers, even if you’ve never written a book and never plan to… Continue reading The Revolution Continues…