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How To Design Book Covers

by Don Dyer

Don Dyer
Don Dyer

As a writer and an artist, the next logical step was for me to digitally create my own book cover. For my first book I created what I wanted and what would attract readers to buy it. Then I sent my manuscript to the publisher. I also told him that I had my own cover to go with the book, he promptly informed me that they were the ones that would be creating the cover for my book. He told me that I would have no say in the cover design. Their cover was nasty clip art hastily and sloppily thrown together. They sent me a galley copy. I contacted the publisher and begged them to at least look at the cover I’d created. I received a hateful no, and was told that I didn’t know the book business or what the public wanted to see.

I, brokenhearted, let it go after a rant and some broken things around the kitchen. Then, a couple years later I was ready to submit my second book. I thought I’d be devious, so I sent the book cover instead of the manuscript. After a confused email, I apologized for sending the cover file instead of the script. I said it was a simple mistake, that they were named the same. I was talking to an editor’s aide, and I told her to compare the two book covers. She pulled up my file on her computer and I heard a short gasp. I asked for her help as an advocate of the cover I’d sent. She told me that she just started as an aide, and she didn’t have much pull. I asked that she help plead my case. Later, after many emails, I was allowed to use my artwork for my second book cover. Continue reading How To Design Book Covers

5 Questions With Jimmy Gordon

Jimmy Gordon
Jimmy Gordon

Hey writers! There’s still time to be featured in our “5 Questions” series! Simply answer the questions below and send us a bio and headshot–free publicity! Send to: editor (at) freelance-zone (dot) com

Today, read Jimmy Gordon’s unusual story…

1.      How did you wind up a writer?

I fell into writing, literally. I was a professional firefighter paramedic at the time. I fell off of a train, unrelated to my job. I was heading out to Michigan to spend some time with my future in laws. We had a ton of snow on the ground and it was still coming down. It was Christmas so I was loaded up with stuff. I slipped and fell, broke my knee and needed surgery. I was visiting the folks at the firehouse afterwards. I was to be off for about 6 months healing. They asked me what I was going to do with my time. I had always been a big reader. I’m not sure why but “I might write a book.” Popped out. They said I couldn’t do it. At the time I wrote my reports in all capital letters and never bothered with any punctuation, a period at times. Well, here I am now. I’m currently wrapping up number 7.

2.      Was the road to being a writer what you expected? Why or why not?

I never meant to be a writer so I had no idea what to expect. Once I finished the first book I type getting your first book published into the search box on the net. I hit up 1stBooks Library which is now Authorhouse. Yep, I had a lot to learn. Continue reading 5 Questions With Jimmy Gordon