West Virginia Writers Groups

West Virginia writers groups

In our non-stop quest to bring more writer’s resources to you, we present this humble collection of West Virginia writers groups. It’s by no means complete–it never will be–but we strive to keep the writers groups by state pages updated as often as possible. If you don’t see YOUR West Virginia writers’ group listed here, please drop us a line and let us know. We’d love to add you to the list! Send all the important details to us at editor(at)freelance (dash) zone (dot com).

Sadly, not every state has as many resources for writers as New York, California, or Texas, but the resources that are available in the smaller states are just as important to the writing communities there. New West Virginia writers groups are welcome to submit their information, too! We’d love to know about a fledgling group of writers and lend support by listing you on this page…

West Virginia Writers Groups

WV Writers, Inc was established in 1977 and claims to be the largest non-proft, all volunteer writing community in the state. This group’s goals include expanding professional opportunities for its writers. The official site has a handy list of local writer’s meetings in private homes and in local cafes, etc.

West Virginia University sponsors the West Virginia Writers’ Workshop.

Journalists and other non-fiction writers should have a look at the West Virginia Press Association.

This National Writing Project article has an interesting connection to the West Virginia writing community.

LinkedIn members should have a look at this collection of West Virginia Writers.

This blog for Appalachian Writers should definitely have an appeal for a segment of the West Virginia writing community.

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