Alaska Writers Groups

Alaska Writers GroupsAlaska is more high-profile than ever, and we’d like to include Alaska writers groups in that visibility. If all you know about the state is what you’ve seen on the news in the last couple of years or old reruns of Northern Exposure, you’re missing out–this state is a gorgeous destination for travel writers and outdoor photographers…but we digress.

This list of Alaska writers groups will never be truly complete, but we’d love to feature as many as are out there. Here is our current list:

Alaska Writers Groups

The Alaska Writers site welcomes not only writers based in Alaska, but also those who “share Alaska’s pioneering spirit. One of the best features of this site–one we wish ALL writer’s groups online would imitate–is the network of member sites prominently situated on the front page, not hidden away elsewhere. Bravo.

Alaska Professional Communicators is for writers and other communication pros, especially those with a passion for the First Amendment.

The Alaska Writers Guild is dedicated to writers at every stage of their careers from beginners to advanced paid professionals. This organization is for both published and unpublished writers in Alaska.

The Alaska State Writing Consortium is a professional association specifically for educators who teach writing.

LinkedIn features an Alaska Writers Group, but you must join open a free LinkedIn account to participate.

Here’s an Alaska Writers Meetup Group which is also listed on Facebook.

The Anchorage Writing Group official site says this is an virtual writing group for writers “too busy to gather.” It’s a great concept, but sadly this page hasn’t been updated since 2006. Still, it is a good source for more Alaska-related links including the Alaska Geographic page.

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