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Good Freelancing Advice

Catherine L. Tullyby Catherine L. Tully

Mmmmm. Today I have a special treat for FZ readers–a freelance advice sampler for writers. I surfed around and gathered up some great pages for you to check out…hope you like them!

On Problogger: The Best Writing Advice. Ever.

On The Writer’s Technology Companion: 20 High-Tech Tools For Writers.

On Write to Done: Why You Should Shoot Adverbs On Sight.

On Copyblogger: 20 Warning Signs That Your Contact Sucks.

On All Freelance Writing: 7 Freelance Healthcare Options.

Happy reading! Let us know if you found something here helpful.

Blogging Tips From A Pro

darren rowse

by Catherine L. Tully

If you are new to blogging, you may not have heard of him, but if you’ve been around a bit, chances are you know the name Darren Rowse. If you want to learn about the blogosphere, this is your man, and ProBlogger is your resource.

Take some time to read his primer for beginners and learn some great tips and tricks that will help you immensely. Find information such as how long a post should be and guideance on how to make money blogging.

In my humble opinion, Mr. Rowse is the gold standard in terms of resources for those who blog. Whether you are just getting started or are looking for advanced techniques, you can check out ProBlogger’s site and get what you need.

Tips For Creating A Good Blog


by Catherine L. Tully

Although people have many differing opinions on what makes a good blog, there are some core principles that are agreed upon. I’ve gathered some of the better posts I’ve seen on this subject and am sharing them here with you today…let me know what you think!

43 Folders gives 9 thoughts on what makes a good blog, including “good blogs try”.

Problogger shares ten tips for blog writing, such as “250 words is enough,” which I like immensely.

Chris Brogan provides 23 Essential Elements of Sharable Blog Posts, like “Posts that gather resources into one place are very often heavily bookmarked.”