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Social Media With Chris Brogan

Chris Brogan
Chris Brogan
by Catherine L. Tully
If you are trying to get the hang of social media but are tired of all the same old information, check out Chris Brogan for some enlightenment. Well known as a social media guru, Brogan gives advice on his site in a “best of” section that hits some pretty good highlights. Learn “50 Ways To Take Your Blog To The Next Level” or read “Framing Your Social Media Efforts”.
Social media has pretty much become a must for the writer, so if you have yet to dip your toe in the pool, there is no time like the present. Brogan also offers advice for those who have been around a while and are looking to maximize their presence on the web.

Tips For Creating A Good Blog


by Catherine L. Tully

Although people have many differing opinions on what makes a good blog, there are some core principles that are agreed upon. I’ve gathered some of the better posts I’ve seen on this subject and am sharing them here with you today…let me know what you think!

43 Folders gives 9 thoughts on what makes a good blog, including “good blogs try”.

Problogger shares ten tips for blog writing, such as “250 words is enough,” which I like immensely.

Chris Brogan provides 23 Essential Elements of Sharable Blog Posts, like “Posts that gather resources into one place are very often heavily bookmarked.”