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Did You Resolve For 2012?

Joe Wallace Vinyl Collector and authorby Joe Wallace

For once, I actually made a New Year’s resolution. I’ve guffawed at them for ages, but this year it seemed appropriate to make the resolution not to say “This year will be MY year” but instead try to work harder at making EVERY year “my year”.

For me, that means finding an agent for my book WTF Records: A Turntabling.net Guide to Weird and Wonderful Vinyl.

It also means NOT wasting my time sending off queries to agents who couldn’t care less about my book about strange and fun records because they don’t work with authors who don’t do narrative non-fiction or manage non-fiction books aimed at more scholarly pursuits.

For my resolution, I’m forced to spend more time doing my homework and research to maximize the postage and printing costs rather than firing blindly at anybody who happens to have an address posted on “Find An Agent” pages on the Internet.

It also means I have to carefully read the instructions on these agent pages when I do find someone who seems suitable–one agent wants only 25 consecutive pages, by mail. Another wants a sample chapter by e-mail, but ONLY after getting a positive reply based on my initial query.

It’s a lot of work getting a book written, polished, and published. Really, the easy part is the manuscript, or so it seems to me. That’s the part that requires no approval from anybody except yourself…until the agent and editors get a hold of it, of course.

Then your property becomes the subject of discussion, critique, possible revision, possible more revision, etc. I told myself to enjoy the manuscript part of it as much as possible, because it’s the only part of this I could do without having to wait on other people.

So the third portion of my resolution, at least where this book project goes, involves being patient and not expecting the world to come rushing to reply to me just because I bothered to drop a line.

I say all this as much to remind myself that I have to do all these things as to share with you what I’m learning from the process. So thanks for reading my glorified To Do List for 2012, disguised as a blog post.

Did I forget to thank you for reading this year? And last year? And the year before that? If so, forgive me for being so ungrateful and know that you are GREATLY APPRECIATED.

Here’s to an awesome and productive 2012 for all of us!

–Joe Wallace

Joe Wallace is the author of WTF Records: A Turntabling.Net Guide to Weird and Wonderful Vinyl, which is currently being shopped to agents interested in pop culture, music, and bad album covers. Wallace is the founder of Turntabling.net, and works as a professional blogger, social media promoter, and yes, he admits to being a music journalist. Wallace has been freelancing since 2003 and thinks the whole world may be joining him sometime soon. Contact him: jwallace(at)turntabling(dot)net

Interview With Delphine Pontvieux

Delphine Pontvieux
Delphine Pontvieu

Today we have another interview to share with you….please welcome author Delphine Pontvieux…

1. How did you wind up a writer?

I always enjoyed writing, and I am also an avid reader. When I was a teenager, I used to write short stories on an electronic IBM typewriter my dad gave me (to replace my mechanic typewriter in the mid 80s.) Then, after university, I started working. Other than writing marketing plans, I did not get much creative writing done. Then, a few years ago, I was asked to write a series of articles for a scuba diving publication. i realized how much i enjoyed writing them, thus i started writing more articles for other magazines. Then one day I woke up from a dream I definitely needed to put down on paper, which i did. That’s how I realized, four chapters in, that I was writing a novel…and that was how it happened.

2. Was the road to being a writer what you expected? Why or why not?

Yes, for the most part. It’s a solitary road. It eats up all of your free time. Forget trying to quit smoking while writing a novel. But you also meet awesome people you would have never met otherwise. It is a very tough, yet, rewarding, adventure in the end.

3. What has been your best moment or biggest accomplishment as a writer?

Without hesitation, the day I received a shipment of 3,000 hardcover books written by…me! I broke open a box from the top of the pile and took out a book… The adrenaline was flowing through my veins as I looked at the cover and opened the book to a random page (mostly in fear of finding out that the text would be upside down or who knows what other tragic printing mistake I would find in there). When I saw that all looked good, my hands continued shaking, this time because I was so happy and proud to be holding my own book in my hands.

4.     What has been your most difficult moment?

I honestly can’t think of a difficult moment. There are many instances when I feel a little demoralized because I wish I was further ahead, I wish all my promotion and marketing efforts would bring me more exposure than they do, but at the end of the day, it’s all been a very positive experience. So many good things have happened to me since I published my novel, the feedback and reviews I keep on receiving are very good, and I have met amazing people along the way. I still enjoy writing more than ever… I really can’t complain.

5. Can you share your top piece of writing advice with Freelance-Zone readers?

Write for the love of writing first, and the pleasure and sense of achievement it brings you before you write for any other purpose.

BIO: Delphine Pontvieux was born in Versailles and grew up in France. She studied at Stetson University in Deland, Florida and graduated from the University of Burgundy in Dijon. She also lived, studied and worked in Australia, the USA, Spain and the Netherlands until she moved to Chicago, Illinois, in 1998, where she still lives today. She has 10 years of international sales and promotion experience in the music and entertainment industry.

Delphine Pontvieux was the recipient of the “2010 French in Chicago Community award” Oscar in the category “Arts and Culture” and recently won the Indie Excellence Book Award 2011 in the Thriller category for her novel, a political thriller titled ETA-Estimated Time of Arrest. Follow Delphine Pontvieux’s acting career on imdb.com

Here’s info about her latest work…

OUT NOW:  “ETA – Estimated Time of Arrest”,  a novel by Delphine Pontvieux

Read an excerpt of the book here: http://www.missnyet.com/Prologue.pdf

Hardcover format available at www.missnyet.com, amazon.com, borders.com, barnesandnoble.com and more.

Also available in Ebook format at Amazon.comhttp://www.amazon.com/ETA-Estimated-Time-of-Arrest-ebook/dp/B004CLYN4C/ref=dp_kinw_strp_1?ie=UTF8&m=AG56TWVU5XWC2,

as well as Barnes and Noble: http://search.barnesandnoble.com/ETA-Estimated-Time-Of-Arrest/Delphine-Pontvieux/e/9780984217625/?itm=3&USRI=eta

5 Questions With Rachel Madorsky



Rachel Madorsky
Rachel Madorsky

Take a closer look at the lives of fellow writers in our new series “5 Questions With…”

Today Rachel Madorsky shares some insights with us:

1. Can you tell readers a bit about your background and how you became a writer?

The first half of my working life I taught engineering courses to senior-level students in the college. I have written a lot in my professional career. However, my first book was written under the influence of medical doctors and clients asking to share my experiences, observations, and tips. Now I am the author of several books, including “Symphony of Your Karma,”“Create Your Own Destiny,” and others as well.
2. What are you doing now in the field?

I began writing another book after I finished my new book “Maestro,” which will be in the print in 2011.  Also, I continue to write articles for several websites.

3. What is the best advice you can give to other writers?

Please, write, if you have the desire, and follow your own instincts in sharing your expertise, observations, and passion, despite all the obstacles in your life. Also, be involved in writing and critique groups. And, last and most important, try to find a good editor before you will submit your project to the publisher, and never be discouraged in times of hardship.
4. What does your workspace look like?

My workplace is one of the coolest rooms in my house where I spend time in front of the computer screen with my lovely dog next to my chair. However, new ideas come and are really written in my mind while I’m walking my dog in the park.
5. Can you share a special moment from your writing career?

A long time ago I decided to take a break from writing and, maybe, discontinue it. At that time I chose a book to read. There was nothing special about that book. However, this book encouraged me to prolong my writing. The book was about friendship between an agent and his friend, a future famous author. Years later I picked-up from the bookshelf in a library my own book. Each page had marks next to the important message in my book. It was an amazing moment in my life – I realized that I have to continue sharing my ideas and life experiences for people searching for answers. 

Bio: Rachel Madorsky, award-winning internationally published author, is one of those rarely gifted people with immense extrasensory abilities.

After completing her medical studies in Belarus, she worked as a children’s health care nurse. Ever on the quest to broaden her intellectual horizons, Rachel then went on to pursue her Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from Kiev State University of Technologies and Design in the Ukraine and shortly thereafter undertook Graduate Studies at Grodno Technological College in Belarus. For many years, she was responsible for the graduate student projects and led her students to create fresh and innovative award-winning inventions and ideas.

The turning point in Rachel’s life came when an associate of hers was diagnosed with a terminal illness. At that point, Rachel’s interest in this person’s fate inspired her to begin unleashing her natural healing, and she decided thereafter to devote her life to research and doing what she was truly called to do – help people heal and evolve and understand how they can direct their own destinies.

Urged by physicians and associates to share her experience, case histories, and research, she authored several books, including Symphony of Your Karma, Create Your Own Destiny, Karma of Your Destiny, Your Choice, and Energy and Health of Man. Rachel’s books offer profound insights into the power of natural and spiritual healing and are filled with inspiring stories of people who have benefitted by discovering these mysteries of life. Rachel’s next book “Maestro” continues to reveal secrets of the human life is coming out of the press in 2011.

More information on www.RachelMadorsky.com  

Can You Be A Weekend Writer?

weekend writerIs it possible to work only weekends and still be a real writer? Denene Brox says yes! Today she shares some of her tips with FZ readers. Even if you want to go full-time, you’ll probably find them useful. Here’s a little Q & A with Denene.

– Catherine

What are the top three suggestions you have for people who want to get started working as a freelancer on the weekends?

One–Treat it like a business. In the beginning you won’t get paid until you start selling your work, but you still have to treat it like a business and present yourself professionally to editors.

Two–start! I know that sounds crazy, but lots of people are going to try freelance writing someday. There’s no better time than now to get started if you want to be a writer. Continue reading Can You Be A Weekend Writer?