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Put Stress In A Headlock and Give It Noogies

By Amanda Smyth Connor761892_heart_in_your_hands

Tight deadlines. Evil editors. Family matters. Finances. These common stress-inducers are really just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to a day in the life of a freelancer. We all handle stress differently. Everyone has their own little tricks to dealing with stress. If you don’t, you should. Here are my top five ways of dealing with stress and finding zen in little moments to help get me through the day.

5. Stay organized. Nothing is worse than feeling that hysterical, out of control sense of disorganization. Staying organized is your best ally in combating stress, and while this won’t lessen your work load, it will make you aware of where you stand and will help you prioritize tasks. Tackling each item on your to-do list in order of most important to least important will create small victories and accomplishments as you check off each item. You can’t do it all at once, but you can focus on one thing at a time. Continue reading Put Stress In A Headlock and Give It Noogies