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10 Gift Ideas For Writers

giftby Catherine L. Tully

Well, the holidays are right around the corner–so I thought I would do a “gift ideas” post for writers. Most of us are friends with other writers, so it goes without saying that we not only would like to get some of these, but can give a few as well. Please share if you have others!

Here are my ten suggestions:

1. Stephen King’s book, On Writing. It’s terrific.

2. A gift card for a nice meal out…. Continue reading 10 Gift Ideas For Writers

Light Writer Pens


If you are a live music or movie reviewer, the Light Writer Pen will come in quite handy in the darkened conditions! These ball point pens feature a built-in LED to illuminate the paper as you write. The lights come in red or yellow and the pen exteriors are available in a variety of colors: red marble, white, black or blue. Keep it by your bedside–it’s great for the next “big idea” that comes to you at 3 am!