10 Gift Ideas For Writers

giftby Catherine L. Tully

Well, the holidays are right around the corner–so I thought I would do a “gift ideas” post for writers. Most of us are friends with other writers, so it goes without saying that we not only would like to get some of these, but can give a few as well. Please share if you have others!

Here are my ten suggestions:

1. Stephen King’s book, On Writing. It’s terrific.

2. A gift card for a nice meal out….

3. A great pen.

4. Some type of lovely framed photo to hang near the desk. Preferably with a motivational saying on it and lots of nature.

5. A coffee/tea mug. Large ones are fantastic.

6. One of those hand-held massagers. Works wonders when you have to tough it out on a deadline.

7. A subscription to some kind of magazine. And it’s extra nice when it isn’t one that you need.

8. Movie tickets. Great for those afternoons where you are blocked and need to get out of your head.

9. Thick, cushy socks.

10. Tech toys. Anything like a cute flash drive, ergonomic mouse or fancy laptop case is more than appreciated.

Let me know what you’d like to see in your stocking this year…

4 thoughts on “10 Gift Ideas For Writers”

  1. A beautiful (maybe hand-bound) notebook of no more than A5 size that will fit in your handbag. This is to make notes in for your future masterpieces.

    Very expensive bath toiletries that create an atmosphere of rich indulgence and pampering. Then you have to lie and soak for a long time so as to justify the expense of said luxury item Whilst relaxing, your mind and imagination will be released to roam into unchartered territory … An expensive and highly scented candle may further enhance the creative experience.

  2. Movie tix work great as a holiday gift for clients, too. For a few years, I gave out movie passes, a popcorn coupon, and a $1 refill cup for the local theater chain to my 20 best clients. I was getting tired of doing the same thing, so last year I changed to coffee sampler packs, also very popular.

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