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Writing Jobs for Thursday September 24 2009

get freelance jobsTime for another round of hand-selected freelance jobs and full-time opportunities for writers. As always, we personally comb through these positions and while we don’t catch every great freelance job lead that comes along, we do manage to snag a good variety of interesting gigs. If you have a freelance job to post, why not get in touch?

Just a friendly word of warning–we don’t post job ads for online survey takers or people hiring ghost writers for topics like payday loans or other bad-for-consumer products–if we know about that stuff up front, we don’t run the job listing.

Universal Media Group needs a freelance writer for a temp contract gig writing music-related trivial questions for a mobile quiz game. This gig is via JobFox and could turn into a half-year writing opportunity for some music-obsessive writer.

An unnamed company seeks a ghost writer who can polish up rough drafts. This one’s a bit mysterious–they have topics that range wildly–the music industry, networking, trade magazine topics. Stranger still, you’ve got to ring 310-422-2112 extension one, and ask for Cara rather than submit a resume or fill out an online application form. We’ll be calling that number later in the day to see just what the fuss is about simply to satisfy our own curiosity. Continue reading Writing Jobs for Thursday September 24 2009

Freelance Writing Jobs

get freelance jobsToday’s sweet collection of freelance writing jobs is brought to you by the letter “N”. As in, “NOT found on freelance job sites that rely on scrapers.” These freelance writing jobs are all hand-picked and hot off the presses, all active at press time and needing YOU.

There’s nothing wrong with freelance job sites that utilize scrapers–we’ve relied on them ourselves in the past (the sites, not the scrapers).

But we wanted to give you something a little extra–other sites have the Craigslist.com, Demand Studios, and HubPages job ads down pat, so why should we reinvent what they already do so well? Here’s the latest and please don’t hesitate to share your own leads with us in the comments section–that goes for you editors, too! Spread the word if you have freelance jobs to share.

Pain Solutions Magazine needs a freelance editor for a part-time permanent telecommute position. PainSolutionsMagazine.com relaunches soon and the gig requires you to do community building, social media networking, all the usual online media stuff. This job requires three years of online publishing experience , working with daily and weekly deadlines, and you should be familiar with using a CMS. Send your resume, cover letter and online clips to lparch@painsolutionsmagazine.com

Stevenson Inc. needs a freelance writer to contribute pieces for use in newsletters. This ad specifies a journalism degree (!) and requests all replies to come via snail mail. You should be familiar with non-profit issues including fund raising and managing volunteers. Mail resume, clips, and references to Scott Stevenson, PO Box 4528 Sioux City Iowa 51104.

Medical/Pharmaceutical writers needed for an hourly-rate gig in Nashville. Send an e-mail with resume, relevant clips and cover letter to techwriter1@hotmail.com.

And finally, a TreeHugger.com job board post lists a position for a freelance writer who specializes in green topics. This was listed on the TreeHugger.com job board and the client is not named–unlikely you’re applying to work directly for TreeHugger. Use the online job form to apply for this one.

Top 5 Things You Never Knew About Editors


by Joe Wallace

Ever wonder what it’s like on the other side of the desk? Here’s a little list of things you never knew about editors, written from my own personal experiences as one. I won’t presume to speak for others, but you can’t tell me some of these things aren’t common experience among my peers:

5. Sometimes we read queries, cover letters and resumes before coffee. On Mondays. Try to connect the dots here.

4. Stephen King on Harlan Ellison; “The man and his work have become so intertwined that it is impossible to pull them completely apart.” Editors get like that, too. Especially when reading the malformed prose of people on the Internet.

3. We make more than you. Sometimes. Did you know some editors actually look at their freelance staff with envious eyes because the freelances actually make more than the editors harassing them? Again, try to connect the dots here. Envy, jealousy, and then…we read your work. Are we LOOKING for an excuse to use our red pens? Sometimes, hell yeah.
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