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What Writing Blogs Do You Read?

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by Catherine L. Tully

Here’s the chance to promote a writing blog that you love, one that you write–or one that you have just recently discovered. I’m putting a call out here for people to check in and list some of the writing blogs that they keep up with. What are your faves?

Blogs about freelance writing, fiction, non-fiction and any others that deal with writing are welcome. From time-to-time I like to go out there and try and find something new on the web. Some writer’s blog that I haven’t seen yet. And I’m hoping you can help direct me to some of them…

So with that in mind, let’s start a big list here in the comments section, shall we? Who are you reading these days? What sites do you find offer the most helpful advice about writing as a career? There are so many out there–I know I haven’t come across them all! Here are a few that I check in with on a regular basis: Continue reading What Writing Blogs Do You Read?

Check Out All Freelance Writing…

by Catherine L. Tully

psam2Hey! Just a quick post to let everyone know that I will be doing a regular series on “Writing For Print” on All Freelance Writing. This is a great site and I highly recommend it for both new and experienced freelance writers. Owner/Author Jennifer Mattern has pulled together a very eclectic group of freelancers–and they are all sharing advice and opinions that can help you advance your career.

Drop by and take a peek–and bookmark this site–it’s terrific!