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Advanced Tips For Freelancers

The latest in our ongoing series of freelance tips and advice, video style. In today’s short clip, we feed a little hint about how freelancers can think outside the box when it comes to marketing their expertise to potential new clients. It seems so obvious once you think about it, but the freelance game is all about little tricks and techniques like these:

Battle of the Freelance Advice Videos Part II

Here we go again…two more freelance advice videos head-to-head. Which video rocks, and which one sucks? Or do they both rock? I’ve got my own opinions, but I’m more interested in YOUR ideas here–where does video #1 fall on its face or does it succeed? How so?

Here’s freelance advice video #2, which is–in contrast to video #1–clearly an actual human being as opposed to one of those cheesy animatronic vids. Does this video succeed? How about compared to video #1?

Let’s get a discussion going–if YOU were to create one of these freelance advice videos, what would you do differently? Better? Or maybe these are just fine the way they are?