Specialization And The Writer

by Catherine L. Tully

Freelance-Zone Editor, Catherine L. Tully
Freelance-Zone Editor, Catherine L. Tully

Today, we’re going to talk about specialization.

Most of the time, writers are told that they need to be flexible. That they need to be able to write about anything. That isn’t exactly false–after all–if you can write about a wide range of topics, there may well be more jobs available to you. But it can work the other way around as well…

Specializing in a certain subject can make sense. When you specialize, you become known in various circles in that area. This can mean people will start approaching you for jobs, rather than the other way around. And that is a really nice thing.

Specializing makes sense if you are an expert in a certain field, or if there is a topic you are truly passionate about. For me, dance is both a subject I know a lot about, and something I love to write about, learn about and share information about. I have a dance blog, and it has become my main work arena. I’ve had dance articles published in major magazines, and even have a content partnership with The Huffington Post.

I know. It’s crazy.

So…specialization has worked for me. Can it work for you?

Is there an area you think you could carve out a niche in? What do you love? What do you spend your time doing, or thinking about doing? What do you know more about than anyone else you know?

These are some of the questions you can ask yourself if you’re trying to decide if specialization is for you. It isn’t for everyone, but if there is a spot you can fill–it can be a wonderful thing.

Anyone else out there specializing? How’s that working for you?

2 thoughts on “Specialization And The Writer”

  1. Catherine,

    Iā€™m in favor of specialization too. Much of my writing is for the insurance industry. When you have a specialization, you can focus on which prospects to pursue and how to stay current in your field.

    The alternative leaves you feeling fragmented and lacking direction.

    Specialization gives the confidence to go after more prestigious, higher-paying clients.


  2. Hi Diana–
    Agreed! It’s funny where you find yourself writing-wise…but a niche industry like yours is a good one! Specialized knowledge often sets you apart, and it isn’t that easy for other writers to move in on “your territory” without it…
    Thanks for the comment! šŸ™‚

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