Lightning Strikes for Fiction Writers is pleased to welcome our newest regular contributor, Diane Holmes of Pitch University. She has some valuable insights for fiction writers and we’re happy to give fiction some more love on FZ by way of her work. She has already submitted several entries in a series on fiction, but now she joins us with a new ongoing column–please join us in a hearty welcome for Diane as she kicks off  Fiction-Zone:  Leaps in Fiction Mastery.

fiction writing adviceFiction is not a career where there is an entry-level position.  There is no internship. No junior associate.  No level 1 or part-time helper.  And certainly no training wheels.

You enter the career of fiction writing only after you’ve reached the skill and mastery of the published authors who have been writing for years.  To get a slot in a publisher’s schedule or win the hearts of readers, you have to be at least as good at the writers they already work with and read.  Those writers have already have built audiences and delighted fans.  You have to be *that* good.

Yes, I see your hand raised, yes you in the back row.  You want to know, “How do I get there? How to I go from newbie writer to master craftsman?  Or, more importantly, how do I go from “I’m really good but can’t sell,” to “I’m running with the Big Dogs.”  And over there…. Ah, speak up. You want to know “How do I know my novel is ready for me to self-publish?  How do I know it’s good enough to send to an agent?”

Usually you’re taught something step-by-step, but sometimes, magic happens, and you make a leap in understanding, flying over 10 or 20 steps in a single instant.   It’s like a flash of story inspiration, but for your craft of writing skills.  I call this Making the Leap.

Let’s do that.  Let’s make leaps together.

I’ll talk with some of my favorite writers, explore the missing pieces, and answer your questions in ways that catch you off guard.

There are 1,000 websites and blogs devoted to the craft of fiction.  (I’m I’m pretty sure I love them all.) But none of those sites are focused on the magic of Leap Making.

So, this is my challenge to you:  think of your writing friends, the one whose brains seems to catch fire when the explore craft, the one who light up when they learn something new. Lure them here with cookies and lattes. There’s something amazing that happens when like-minded writers come together, poised on the brink of learning.

Yes, Leap Mojo.

(Oh, this *so* deserves to be on a t-shirt.)

It’s a lightning strike for your writer’s brain.

Diane Holmes
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10 thoughts on “Lightning Strikes for Fiction Writers”

  1. Great post, Diane!

    I love the thought of Leaps…I think everyone who writes leaps constantly! Heaven help us!!

  2. Awesome article, Diane. Still the newbie writer, I have a lot to learn about ‘running with the big dogs’ and you’ve taught me so much I can’t write fast enough. Go Diane!

  3. Dear Tess, Cindy, Kate, and Sheila,

    How lovely to see you here in my new digs. ::waving::

    Do you feel the Leap Mojo firing up? Yeah. And we need a theme song, too.

    I’m taking suggestions?

  4. Leap, fly, bound, I’m ready. I’ll search out some others who occasionally leap obstacles and send ’em over.
    I’ve already sent nervous pitchers to, so I know you’ll come up with great ideas.

  5. I WANT some Leap Mojo!! Yes, it really should be on a t-shirt and mug. 🙂
    This whole world of writing has been amazing to journey through and I know I’ve made leaps throughout the trip. I sometimes feel like I’m on the verge of making an enormous leap in my skills, but am not quite sure where to aim the energy.
    Thanks for the article and I can’t wait for more!

  6. I’ve recently returned to fiction writing after a hiatus of nearly four years. During that time, I was busy building my freelance career, but I didn’t realize until I got to the keyboard and let the characters flow through me how much I had missed storytelling. Fiction, I love you! I’ll never leave again!

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