New Blogger in Town

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by Mike O’Mary

Hello Friends. This is my first post as a guest blogger on Freelance-Zone, so allow me to introduce myself. I am a writer, editor, publisher and producer. Didn’t plan things that way…that’s just the way it turned out. My experience includes everything from writing speeches and annual reports for large corporations (as a freelancer and as an employee), to publishing creative writing in Sunday magazines across the country, to producing sketch comedy shows in Chicago. Along that way, I may have (inadvertently) picked up some useful knowledge. I’m painfully aware of the things I don’t know, but I sometimes surprise myself with the things I do know. So in my guest blogs, I will endeavor to share some useful information with you, and discuss various aspects of doing corporate and creative work as a freelancer. 

Another thing I intend to do is to provide you with opportunities to publish at Dream of Things. So consider this a call for submissions: we are currently accepting essays for books on a variety of topics. Think “Chicken Soup” with wild rice, thicker stock, more meat, lots of veggies, and cilantro and tortilla chips sprinkled on top. Or, more to the point, “Chicken Soup” with a soul. Maybe that’s overstating things, but I hope you get the point…I’m looking for good stories with substance. 

A few words about “story” versus “essay.” Some people hear “essay” and think “term paper.” Or worse, they think self-indulgent opinion piece. I use “essay” and “story” interchangeably at Dream of Things. That’s because when I say “essay,” what I really mean is “creative writing that tells the story of a meaningful or humorous experience, or the story of an interesting or inspiring person.” It’s possible to pull off an essay built around your personal observations and insights, but you have to be very clever or exceptionally insightful to make it work. So when in doubt, tell me the story of that experience or that colorful character. 

You may already be writing the kinds of essays we’re looking for on your blog. And new writers are welcome. For details, see the Dream of Things Workshop Projects. Till next time, dream on.