Help a Freelancer

freelance writing advice 3I tried to go to a colleague’s writing blog today only to discover it wouldn’t load. I banged off a quick e-mail to warn my friend the site was down for the count. That’s the sort of thing people do for each other, right?

But what about offline? This little incident made me think about all the times I’ve given out (unsolicited) advice or help to new and struggling freelancers. Some took the advice, some ignored it. Some situations turned out great, others needed more time and attention…either way, for me the important thing was to not sit by and watch people make mistakes that could cost them time or money.

In writing this I asked myself when the last time was that I had a chance to make a difference in a new freelancer’s work. Fortunately, the answer was at least satisfactory, but I didn’t like the feeling of having to take stock and hunt around for a personal example of helping somebody out. Life sometimes gives us little reminders that we’re in the game to do a number of things besides just getting ahead, and I think I got one today. A gentle nudge, to be sure, but definitely a nudge.

If you haven’t helped out a fellow freelancer lately, maybe there’s a way you can spread some payback around. Take a look and see what you can do…you might just change somebody else’s life this week.