Florida: Travel Writing, Phase I


by Catherine L. Tully

I have the opportunity to do a little travel writing in Florida, so I’ll be taking this show on the road…quite literally! Stay tuned for some tips on writing while on the go–it isn’t as easy as it might seem! This is a car trip, so packing to conserve space is key. I’ve learned a few good pointers that I’ll share here:

  • Roll your clothes for less wrinkles and easier packing.
  • You don’t need more than two pairs of shoes. One dress, one casual.
  • Color coordinate by packing only neutral shades.
  • Use your business card for all related expenses. It’s easier to keep track.
  • Keep track of your mileage if you write it off. If you do gas and maintenance, start a log for that.
  • A packet of face wipes will refresh you like nothing else.
  • Bring spare change.
  • Ziplock bags help insure wet stuff doesn’t spill everywhere.
  • When in doubt, take less. You can always pick something up when you need it.

More tips to come from the Sunshine State!