How To Write A Press Release

pen-and-paperIf you’ve never written a press release before, it may be something you want to consider investigating. Press releases are sent out by companies, businesses and individuals to announce something to the public. There is a format that they follow, and a few tips and tricks for knowing how to write one that an editor won’t toss in the waste paper basket.

Take a look at for some good information on how to format your press release. One of the main things to remember is that the editor doesn’t have to print your information. Just like a query, you need to develop some type of news hook so that it is interesting and topical enough to run in their publication. Think like a writer–that part should come easy!

Another key piece of info to keep in mind is that you should include “boilerplate information”. This is background information that should not change from release to release. If it is a person, it may be a bio. For a company, it may include a bit of history. For more good information about the press release and what to include, take a look here.

Writing press releases can be a great way to pick up some extra cash–if you know what you are doing. Why not read up on it and see if you can do one for yourself–just for practice!