Press Release Marketing


What in the world does this old punk rock album cover have to do with self promotion for freelance writers? Too many promising freelancers pass on marketing opportunities eagerly used by thousands of bands–the humble press release.

“But what have I got that’s newsworthy?” You may well ask. Sometimes the answer is nothing at all…but sometimes the answer is EVERYTHING.

When you go into freelancing part-time, you don’t have much of a news hook. But what about when you take the plunge to go full time? No, USA Today doesn’t care–but your hometown or community newspaper might. Local somebody quits day job in crazy economy and goes freelance? That’s quite a news angle if you play it up right. What does it take to survive in our economy as a self-employed person? Are you the face of the new American economy?

It’s all about how you spin the story. You can use press release marketing to get yourself some added visibility–and don’t limit yourself to newspapers, local radio or television stations.

Consider sending a copy of that same press release to non-media sources like potential clients. If your release looks professional, you might just attract some interest by approaching that next client in this way–it’s outside the usual channels and doesn’t look like you’ve simply got your hat in your hand searching for work. That unique approach might just be what it takes to catch the eye of a hard-to-land future paycheck.