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The Long & Short Of It – What Type Of Writer Are You?

Catherine L. Tullyby Catherine L. Tully

I can’t write things that are long right out of the box. Whenever I write, it comes out brief and to the point. I tend to be concise and omit what I see as needless words and phrases.

Other writers (like Joe), have no difficulty whatsoever turning out lengthy prose. For them it is as difficult to edit down as it is for me to add detail.

Neither style is better than the other, but they both have distinct advantages and disadvantages when it comes to a writing career. So now let me ask…

Which type of writer are you?

Most of us fall heavily on one side or the other, and this can actually help you when it comes to getting work and being happy in your career as a writer. For example–my style of writing is well-suited to the web, since long paragraphs and in-depth pieces are less reader-friendly online. Writers that produce a lot of material would probably do very well trying to pitch magazines that do features as many of them are several pages long. Continue reading The Long & Short Of It – What Type Of Writer Are You?