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When Not to Buy an E-Book

iBook_plastic_letters_floatI’m going to piss a lot of people off with this one. For the record, I have helped edit e-books, I’ve written them anonymously for clients, and I’ve even purchased a few.

In most cases, my own personal purchases were met with disappointment.

Mostly in myself, mind you, for being a sucker. The writing on most e-books is more or less the same–full of breathless enthusiasm and encouragement which is never a bad thing for a new writer to read. But as far as specific, actionable advice beyond the “Write good content and sell your book everywhere you can” type advice? Um….well, at the risk of being totally shameless, I’ll just say my friend and fellow FZ writer Yo Prinzel does a MUCH better job than the writers I personally have bought and paid for to read–head and shoulders above, in fact.

But I find the e-books you should consistently avoid have some of the same flaws–and the biggest one is usually right there in the title, telling you loud and clear not to buy the book. Continue reading When Not to Buy an E-Book