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Engadget Reports Microsoft Patents Contextual Ads in E-Books

Joe-Wallace-Vinyl-Collector-and-authorThis certainly could inspire a couple dozen pages worth of commentary, snark, doomsaying, and other ranty gibberish, but instead, I’ll settle for a very George Takei-inspired “Oh MY” and let it go at that.

What is all the fuss potentially about? A report by techy blog Engadget from early August 2012 about the notion of inserting contextual ads in eBooks that seems to just now be getting a bit of traction in the circles I read via Twitter and elsewhere.

Author William Gibson’s Twitter posts mentioned this in passing with a link to the Engadget ad, and after reading it, I can’t say it’s sunny skies on the horizon IF such a notion actually catches on in the marketplace…but it’s early days for the concept, so it could be a lot of hot air and hand-wringing over nothing. A damp squib, as writer Stephen King would say. What do YOU think?

Read the entire article about Microsoft’s patent on contextual ads in e-books by Jon Fingas at Engadget.

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