Freelancing For Newspapers

by Catherine L. Tully

Let’s face it–most of us freelancers will explore a wide range of avenues to see what type of income we can make. In addition, getting through the lean times can mean thinking outside the box in terms of potential dollars. This leads me to newspapers…

Even if you live in a smaller town, a newspaper can be worth checking into. You may not get (or even want, for that matter) a desk job there, but many papers hire “stringers” or will pay for content when they need it. It’s worth a shot if you are short on cash or have an interest in covering local events.

I’ve written for newspapers before and I actually enjoyed it. It suits my particular style of being brief and to the point. Those who tend to be more verbose may find it more challenging. It makes a nice credit and clip, and you may even wind up getting more work out of it if someone in the community sees your writing and likes it. That has happened to me as well.

Have you had experience writing for a newspaper? If so, I’d love to hear your thoughts on how it went, if you liked it, and if you’d recommend it to other writers.

If you want to learn more about writing for newspapers, here’s a resource you might want to invest in:

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2 thoughts on “Freelancing For Newspapers”

  1. Not sure if “Freelancing for Newspapers” talks about it, but you can also find a lot of work doing stuff for their advertorial sections. It’s not pure news, but it’s generally interesting, pays pretty well, and, as you point out, can create community connections.

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