Just Walk Away

Joe Wallace freelance social media.jpgby Joe Wallace

I sprained my frontal lobes today. I spent a good long time writing about social media for retail banks, VA funding fee changes for veterans looking for a VA mortgage, and writing advice for people who need help managing professional Twitter and Facebook profiles.

You know that feeling you get when you can’t remember what 2 + 2 adds up to and the thought of writing another word fills you with the urge to run screaming down the hall? Yep, that’s what I’ve got.

I should have stopped half way through my marathon writing jag, walked down the street to my local coffee shop and given my poor battered brain a rest. Then I’d be capable of getting some additional work done today. But I didn’t, and chances are good that I won’t write another thing for the rest of the day.


Like the runner who trains too hard for a race, but instead of pulling an Achilles’ tendon, I’ve not got to put an ice pack on my skull. Someday, I will learn to stop, drink a cuppa and chill out before diving in again. But not today, apparently.

Sometimes, pacing yourself (even when you don’t think you need it) is a damn fine thing to do. What do you do when you need to stop and avoid overtaxing your most precious writing instrument?

Joe Wallace writes about finance, social media, retail banking, vinyl records, and foreign films. He runs Turntabling.net which discusses and sells vinyl records, and travels the USA in search of the coolest indie record shops in the land. When he’s not doing all, that he’s a freelance pop culture philosopher and roving food critic wannabe.