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payforby Catherine L. Tully

Today is a pay it forward post. Something to encourage you to help someone else out. Give an aspiring writer a lead on some work. Sit down with someone who is interested in learning the ropes and fill them in on how to get a foothold. Post a nice comment on a blog that you like. It can be easy to forget how hard things were in the beginning once you have had some success.

One of the reasons that Joe and I started this blog was to be in a spot where we could share our knowledge with other writers. This is a labor of love, and we take it very seriously. After all, we were once newbies too.

So today…do something for someone else in the field…no matter how small. Take a minute to share a bit of your know how with someone else, or, if you are new to the writing game, post a comment on someone’s blog and make their day.

5 thoughts on “Help A Writer”

  1. Catherine, what a great idea to help an aspiring writer by doing something as simple as posting a comment, is so very thoughtful. I like the photo pic too.
    Well, I was the first to comment on this post (aha) I’m paying forward to you and to another of others by subscribing to a number of blogs today.

    Which I did after reading, 5 things to do before publishing a blog post by Susan Johnston on Quips & Tips for Successful Writers. She had a few links, including one that has a list of writing blogs and websites she subscribes to via an RSS feed. I Check them out –and I wasn’t disappointed!

  2. Catherine, can it be retroactive? I didn’t see this post yesterday, but did spend about an hour on the phone with a freelancing friend helping her troubleshoot a new business idea. (I also ended up counseling her about a rocky relationship she’s having with a friend, but that’s arguably above my paygrade. We’ll see how *that* turns out.)

    OK, OK, I’ll do something nice for someone today, too. Promise.

    In the meantime, I’ll pass along a small-business site that I came across recently and added to my daily feed:
    Business Owners Toolbox Blog

  3. Thanks to you both for the posts. : ) They count!
    Quips & Tips is an awesome resource–I agree Chrystal!
    And yes, Jake…retroactive is good to go. ; ) Thanks for the resource…I checked it out and it’s great!

  4. This is a lovely idea! If anyone writes topical gags for the American market (I’m a Brit in the UK), there’s a great iPhone app called iLarious and they have a large writing team. Editor-in-chief Fred Graver takes in gags and writers receive a percentage based on which of their material is used.



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