Ready, Set……..Action Already!


“Thought is the blossom; language the bud; action the fruit behind it.”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

While it is lovely to sit around and think about being a writer, it won’t really get you anywhere. I know many writers that spend a lot of time planning or dreaming–and this is so easy to do. The key, my dear friends–is action. Action will get a fair writer more work than a great writer who sits around thinking about things. Put your writing out there–try for jobs and query. This is how you learn about this business. It is also how you get published.


Now. I know it stings to get rejected. It is not fun, and it may even make you question yourself. Lemme tell you something….you absolutely must get past this. It will kill you in this field. Everyone gets rejected. So what. If you can keep swinging, and keep improving, you will get somewhere in this game. But you have to act. You can’t just dream and hope.


So, consider this a call to action! Dust off something you’ve been waiting to send out and get it in the mail. E-mail a query to a magazine you have been reading. Apply for a job. Try each day to take an action step and soon you will be selling your work; or at the very least, be getting feedback as to what you need to work on to do so. Make 2009 the year you get moving–and it will be your most profitable yet!