Trust and Fame: The Gospel According To Nemo Design

Dave Allen had some compelling things to say about quality work, ideas that all freelance writers should take to heart. The discussion includes the notion of doing AMAZING work versus merely GOOD work–a concept which resonates with me thanks in part to the fact that I’m reading similar concepts in the recent Henry Rollins book DULL ROAR. Now I am digesting the book in light of the Dave Allen Social-Cache post. If there’s one thing that’s hammered away at over and over in the Rollins books, it’s the insistence on doing the absolute best in spite of all opposition, personal baggage, fatigue, pain, whining, excuses, lack of involvement from your band mates, etc.

I have a hard time reading Dave Allen and Henry Rollins on this subject because I have to go back to the real world when I’m done–the world where you have to lower your expectations or else be constantly annoyed by a lack of interest in basic issues of quality. Hey, I spent 13 years in the military where nobody gets fired, but if you had enough seniority you could impose any standards you wanted. That includes no standards at all or asking-far-too-much-for-no-good-reason madness.

You also had your creative work–writing, editing, photography, the lot–critiqued by people who had no idea how to string two words together to say thank you, let alone put together a script or an article. It gives one a work ethic that says “not on my watch” or it sucks all the life out of you.

But I ramble. Check out that post over at Social-Cache. Well worth your time and it’s an idea worth taking to heart.