Six-Word Memoirs


Smith Magazine sent out a challenge to writers–describe your life in six words or less. The results are collected here in an addictive 240-page book you can literally read in snippets for months on end. Not Quite What I Was Planning is a fascinating collection, and you’ll be trying to compose your own six-word memoirs after reading entries like Chuck Klosterman’s:

“Nobody cared, then they did. Why?”

Or how about the words of Scott Birch? “Most successful accomplishments based on spite.” Yes, the notion for this book sounds totally useless, but just like popcorn you can’t stop once you’ve had a handful. This is one of those ideas that turns you green with envy. Why didn’t we think of this first? The price on this literary indulgence makes it irresistable. Buy five of them and you’ve got a handy gift anytime you need one in a pinch.

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