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A Little Freelance Job Hunting Secret

freelance jobs how to lose a freelance jobHere’s a quick little secret you can use to lower the bad search results when you’re hunting for freelance jobs. Ever notice how many crappy search returns you get when you search on the plural of your freelance specialty? Try Googling the phrase “freelance writers” in your favorite job board. When I do this kind of search, the results are absolutely POLLUTED with the content sites that have spammed the job board with every different kind of ad they can cram in there.

Aside from being totally annoying (and perhaps I’m not using the same kind of freelance job boards you are and you’re getting different results) this is very much a waste of time if you try Continue reading A Little Freelance Job Hunting Secret

Freelance Writing Jobs for Thursday September 10 2009

get freelance jobsThe never-ending quest for more freelance jobs and jobs for writers continues. A creative staffing agency seeks a freelance medical writer for telecommute work for oncology and hematology topics. Don’t apply if you aren’t able to write in depth about those–this one’s not for the inexperienced.

The American Association of University Women seeks a writer who can do articles and marketing materials. This is a freelance position but you’ll be plenty busy–the list of projects they want you to work on is quite extensive. Send them your resume, cover letter, writing samples and references to editor@aauw.org.

CVTips.com has positions open for freelance writers who can write web content and SEO. This is a good opening for a new freelancer developing their SEO content skills and the pay is commensurate with that experience level.

A Houston-based online news group seeks freelance reporters for community reporting. Pay is listed as “competitive” and you’ll have to do local and suburban news topics–drop an e-mail to jpape@instantnewskaty.com and include at least three writing samples.

Most Overlooked Freelance Writing Gig?

freelance newspaper jobs

by Joe Wallace

While researching another topic, I ran across an old post at Writing-World.com by Sue F. Lick about freelance jobs for local newspapers. A lot about the newspaper industry has changed since Sue Lick’s article appeared back in 2002, but the newspaper shouldn’t be overlooked just yet when it comes to supplementing your freelance income.

I know at least two writers who contribute regularly to their hometown newspapers, usually netting about $75-$150 per article at around 1200 words per or less. In bigger cities you may have trouble breaking in, but for freelancers living in rural areas this publication credit has two things going for it–one, you get street cred with the other publications in your local area.
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Freelance Writing Jobs Monday August 10, 2009

get freelance jobsOne of these days, we’re going to have to post an official guide to placing ads announcing freelance jobs. Two of today’s posts are a bit wacky; one could be in violation of EEO regulations, another gives absolutely no information whatsoever about the nature of the freelance writing job in question. I can’t imagine the stampede of folks rushing to fill that opening, but somebody out there will…in this economy, even the bare minimum information is better than no opening at all…

Buzz Communications is looking for a communication/technical writer to create brochures and sales copy, write business-to-business materials, white papers and more. If you’ve never written a white paper before, this one’s not for you–the application requirements include submitting two white papers. Send those, plus resume, three additional writing samples (for a total of five), plus your hourly pay requirements to julie@buzzcommunications.com.

Cut-N-Scoot offers a fun-sounding opportunity with unusual application requirements. This Spring, Texas-based company needs a freelancer with a Texas motorcycle license who can take day trips with scooters and mopeds to review them for a new magazine both in print and on video. Could evolve into a full-time opportunity, but is part time at present. A word of warning to the Cut-N-Scoot ad writer–posting test in your ad stating “ We would like an applicant that is attractive looking, male or female” COULD be in violation of EEO laws. We’re no experts here, but as the poet says, check yourself before you wreck yourself. Apply in person for this gig but call to make an appointment first. (281) 355-9131.

InvestigativeVoice.com needs freelance reporters who specialize in investigative journalism. They aren’t kidding around–if you’re comfortable investigating corrupt politicos, unsolved murders and other investigative topics, this is the gig for you. Send your resume and cover letter to sjanis@investigativevoice.com.

MRI Facilities seeks a Downers Grove, Illinois-based writer, but won’t say what the gig is for or how much the pay is…too bad for the detail oriented. Contact DELETED@DELETED.com to pry some additional details out of them. **IMPORTANT UPDATE** This MRI Facilities gig has fallen into disrepute. We did a bit of homework on this thanks to an alert by Sandra Potter (thank you!) and this job advertiser has made quite a splash with dodgy “jobs” according to the published reports we’ve read. Sorry, folks!