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No Time For Social Media, But Lots Of Time To Waste On Email

Freelance-Zone.com reached out to Joan Stewart, a speaker, trainer and consultant who blogs at Publicity Hound and My Social Media Solution and she shared a great tip on time management in terms of how to find space in your day to utilize social media…

joan-smallOne of our customers told me this morning how frustrated she is that she doesn’t have enough time to spend on social media.

I suggested that she set aside a block of time twice a day, say as soon as she starts work in the morning and again before she closes the office for the day, to blog, post to her Facebook and Twitter profiles and do what needs to be done on LinkedIn.

When she hemmed and hawed about how difficult it would be to find the time, I asked her, “”How much time do you spend on email each day?”

“A lot,” she said.


“Because it’s a way for me to check in with my clients and other people who I like to hear from,” she said.

“How profitable is answering email?” I asked. Continue reading No Time For Social Media, But Lots Of Time To Waste On Email

Keeping Your E-Mail Safe


How much do you know about keeping your e-mail account safe? Writers spend large amounts of time online and e-mail is typically the way we communitcate. That said, if you don’t know much about how to keep your computer safe when using it–now’s the time to get up to speed. After all, you can’t afford a virus or other issues. Take a look here to see what you know–and more importantly–what you don’t.

A Backup Program For E-Mail

Do you use Gmail or Yahoo Mail? Are you ever nervous about the fact that your precious information about publications, assignments from editors and other crucial e-mails may disappear? StashMyMail gives you an easy way to back it up–and right now–it’s free! Once you have your e-mails downloaded through their program, you can even get to them offline…..worth checking into, I’d say!