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Best Gifts for Writers – Holiday Edition 2010

by Erin Dalpini

By mysza831 via flickr

Once again the holiday season is upon us. Lately it seems my to-do list has been a mile long, the usual tasks drowning amidst a sea of holiday duties: deck the halls, trim the tree, buy that secret Santa/white elephant/charity gift, troll the ancient yuletide carol, etc., etc. Oh yes, and on top of that all the relatives are now asking what I want for Christmas! Hmmm . . . what to ask for for the gift exchange?

Luckily, I’ve never had a problem with asking for what I want, and you won’t either, once you check out Freelance-Zone’s top gifts for writers for this holiday season.


Moleskine notebooks – Count yourself among the likes of Oscar Wilde and Ernest Hemingway while penning your musings in these minimalist yet elegant notebooks. Perfect for travel, taking notes, sounding off, and sketching, Moleskines come in several sizes and styles. See how toting one around can inspire you to write whenever inspiration strikes.


Smartphone upgrade – What better way to keep up with client emails, remember the milk, and manage Twitter and Facebook accounts while on the go? If you’re a writer and you’re often on the move, a slick, upgraded smartphone like the HTC Droid Incredible (Verizon), Blackberry Bold 9700, or the iPhone 4 is one of those essential items one can’t help but covet. (Assuming you don’t already have one!) Continue reading Best Gifts for Writers – Holiday Edition 2010