A Smart Writing Secret

theby Catherine L. Tully

Here’s one of my writing secrets…

I burn through a first draft and then go back in and use an online thesaurus to smarten things up. Get the thoughts out on paper, then fine-tune all you like.

Sounds simple, and it is. But it really works.

Try it out–you’ll thank yourself.

2 thoughts on “A Smart Writing Secret”

  1. Excellent tip Catherine! I often find myself playing with Thesaurus.com. Sometimes when I’m working out a first draft I end up repeating a phrase or two too often, and it sounds strange during the read-through. Sometimes there are obvious substitutes or cuts. But oftentimes I end up looking something up, even if just to get out of my own head for a moment. Seeing one idea can spark others.

    I also use the site when I’m doing keyword research or trying to come up with domain names for new projects — very handy!

  2. Thanks Jenn! I actually enjoy doing this part of the writing! Once all the “work” is out of the way, I can play around and choose just the right word…

    Thanks for ringing in!

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