Writing Jobs For Friday August 28 2009

freelance writingToday’s writing jobs include a writing gig that would make Jared proud. Yes, you too can apply for the rare writer job advertised by Subway.

This writing position is at Subway World Headquarters (sounds a bit like a villain’s hideout on a 007 film, doesn’t it?) and requires relocation–no telecommutes allowed. This isn’t a glorified white paper writing gig, Subway wants an actual writer to create articles, newsletters, etc. When you follow that link, scroll down til you find the Executive category and you’re there.

If you can’t stand the smell of baking bread, maybe you want one of the bizillions of writing and editing jobs advertised by Time Warner. Scroll through their extensive listing of brand new writing and editing gigs including Supervising Editor for CNN, and writers for HLN Dayside.

The headhunting firm KL Anderson is looking for a medical writer. If you have a PhD in medicine, chances are you’re probably not reading this, but just in case, have a look at the gig and you’ll find a nice opprotunity to write for a living. I mention this gig because KL Anderson, in all likelihood, needs other qualified medical writers with or without a doctorate, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

FinanceInsights.com needs finance writers for a variety of freelance gigs, and CareerBuilder.com also advertises a finance writing gig. Lots of freelance jobs lately for anybody skilled in finance stuff….

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  1. Thanks, Jennifer! Actually I am the one who is remiss–you kindly reached out to me last week (or was it the week before?) and I STILL havent responded to you yet…just been swamped, but I would LOVE to take you up on the offer. Apologies for not getting back sooner or directly…and thank you!

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