Poll–What’s Your Favorite Freelance Job Resource?

freelance-writing-adviceBy Joe Wallace

We’re not asking you to give away any trade secrets here, but rather to dish on the website that’s been the most helpful in helping you land paying gigs. That doesn’t necessarily mean “Where do you get the most gigs?”

Your most valuable freelance job resource could be a site that’s helped you tweak your query letters to get work more consistently, or it could be that you actually have found one site that’s a good source of quality work…or it could be a place where you wind up networking so well that jobs come as a result of THAT.

Please drop us a line in the comments section and chime in with your two cents…and be sure to tell us why the site is so valuable.

2 thoughts on “Poll–What’s Your Favorite Freelance Job Resource?”

  1. A great website for any freelancer to check out is http://www.sparkplugging.com. It’s filled with information, advice, and resources that would be beneficial for anyone building a freelance business.

    I like this site so much that I applied for their blogging internship, and was fortunate enough to be selected. I’m interning there now and it’s a great experience.

  2. My #1 resource, by far, is Google Reader.

    I’m subscribed to RSS feeds on dozens of blog and sites covering everything from the latest call-outs, contests and markets, to book-marketing tactics, to the nuts and bolts of query letters and dialog.

    There is no way I could make time to visit each of these sites on a regular basis, but I can scan my “inboxes” on Google Reader every morning and pop open the posts and updates that look valuable.



    Perry P. Perkins
    Freelance Writer/Editor
    Twitter: PerksBooks

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