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Famous Women Authors


This great Women Authors tote bag features Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Louisa May Alcott, Virginia Woolf, and Mary Shelley just to name a few. It’s made of durable nylon and features a padded, lined interior. The handles are nice and long for comfortable carrying.This is the sort of thing that always works great when you’re absolutely stumped for a gift. You can never be accused of being thoughtless with one of these. After all, anyone who knows you is going to smile and say to themselves,”Of course! You’re a WRITER!”

For those of us who are absolutely horrible procrastinators, you can never say you don’t have an instant gift idea. This tote bag is perfect for anyone you know…and would make a great present for yourself, too! Just the right size for bookstore runs when you just know you’re going to walk out with more than you intended to buy. And who doesn’t do that?

Buy for $21.95