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Freelance Writing Jobs For Tuesday, August 25

get freelance jobsHere’s a hot one with a few key details left out of the ad–, home to Jim Cramer and other financial whiz-kids, has an opening at its site which focuses on personal finance.

You need three years of online writing experience for this freelance writing job (is this a full-time position? Contract?  On site?) and you also have to be groovy enough to require absolutely MINIMAL editing. Send resumes, clips and cover letter to with “MainStreet Writer” in the subject line.

Someone in NYC needs a writer who can do a 15-page e-book about how employers come up with the right salaries for their work force, how they evaluate potential employees and much more.

Greenhouse Partners seeks a freelance copywriter. You need to submit samples in a PDF file for this one, nothing short of that will do. is advertising for SEO copywriters for high volume work. Unlike some other SEO freelance job ads, this one requests you send your rate per word along with writing samples and such. Send your cover letter, resume, samples and rates to

How to Deal With Unreasonable Freelance Clients

top 5 ways to deal with problem clientsAn interesting article at FreelanceFolder by Laura Spencer got me thinking about how to avoid getting stuck with what Spencer calls a “vampire client”. Spencer’s advice was sound, but how do you avoid getting to the stage where you need to take her advice at all?

What the article defines as a vampire client is someone who keeps demanding revisions and is seemingly unable to be pleased–and all that after demanding a reduction in your usual fee. Sounds unreasonable to us!

The first thing you can do to protect yourself from an unreasonable client is to build in some parameters into your work agreement. What’s that? You don’t have a work agreement with your clients? Change that immediately.

In your agreement, build in a standard fee (which you can change to offer discounts for your valuable clients). Don’t accept less than your standard fee without a good reason, but when you do, be sure you add some additional consideration for yourself into the deal. That consideration could come as a more forgiving (and convenient for you) deadline or other concessions. Continue reading How to Deal With Unreasonable Freelance Clients

Freelance Writing Jobs Monday August 24 2009

get freelance jobs

by Joe Wallace

Have a look at our freelance writing jobs and see what fits for you, and don’t forget to share with us if you know of anything worthy that belongs here that hasn’t been listed. We’re always glad to get more leads, freelance job updates and such from our favorite people.

The Tribune Company seeks a freelance writer for KPIX TV in New York. This is a part time gig for anyone with a television background looking for a good freelance writing job with an Emmy-winning company.

Are you living in the Cape Girardeau, Missouri region looking for some extra freelance writing assignments? The Southeast Missourian is looking for some freelance writers to cover community events.

Pygmalion Films seeks scripts for commercials. This is low pay for the industry, about $100 per, but is an interesting possibility for someone looking to break into script writing, especially if you have a background in commercial copy.
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