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I Can’t Do Without My….

….orange La Croix, scanner and printer.

Every writer has some items that they feel they need by their side while writing. I skipped the obvious, my laptop, becuase, well….it’s obvious. What is less obvious is what helps define my writing patterns and style. I am a beverage freak, so the La Croix responds to that need. I am also a minimalist when it comes to requirements. My scanner is a frequently used tool, and my printer helps save my eyes–I print things out to edit them to get off the computer for a while (note–using “draft” quality and black and white saves ink).

I know writers that need a vast assortment of goodies and “stuff” around them to feel inspired. I kind of wish I were one of them sometimes….it seem so….writerly! So how about it writers? What are those items that you “can’t do without”? Post them here and let’s have a look at what’s out there!

Top Five Editor Complaints

OK, so these are MY top five editor complaints. As in, when I have to edit the work of my fellow freelancers–these are my top gripes. I’ve gotten some decent money revising the work of other writers when my poor harried editors simply don’t have the time to do it themselves. Trust me, when the time comes for YOU to sit in my place and do a bit of freelance editing (or when you take a job as an editor yourself) you will find your own list of major pet peeves. At least ONE of my list will end up on yours, I have no doubt:

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WHY Magazine: For Self-Employed Blokes

WHY Magazine is for those who work from home, and writers certainly qualify. It’s free, and it’s cool. (Or “sick,” depending on what age group you fall into…but I digress…) You won’t find your typical self-employed basic fare here, the magazine is very hip and has sections such as grub, tech talk and chill. Have it delivered to your inbox and take the time to browse through…it is a nice break, along with some good ideas and resources for those of us who don’t go leave home to go to work.