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Writers And Specialization

a3by Catherine L. Tully

I’m going to kick off with a strong statement here: writers should specialize–especially when they are first getting started. I know that some of you are probably thinking that I’m wrong…but I’m not. Specialization is your friend, and it will get you a lot more work that being a generalist writer.

When I started out, I specialized in writing about dance. I wrote for a multitude of dance publications and got some good credits built up. Then I began branching out into the arts a bit. Singing. Acting. Using one specialty to move into another. Pretty soon I was getting my name out there as an “arts” writer… Continue reading Writers And Specialization

The New MacBook & MacBook Pro


Well folks, here it is–the new 13-inch MacBook. Unfortunately, those of you who were expecting the $800 model will be disappointed. The price tag? $1,299. Still, take a good look at this baby and the specs. It might be worth it if you love Macs. The 15-inch MacBook Pro rings in at $1999.

I’m not a rabid Mac lover–hate the keyboard, among other things. Still this model is a beauty. If only it were a little less pricey…ahh, but it wasn’t to be!